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Paraphrase: Please Advise

Please Advise  $ 7.99  
MP3s are ripped at 320kbps

Tom Rainey, drums
Tim Berne, baritone, alto
Drew Gress, bass

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Big Satan: Souls Saved Hear

Big Satan
Souls Saved Hear  $ 5.99  
MP3s are ripped at 320kbps

Tim Berne: Alto saxophone
Tom Rainey: Drums
Marc Ducret: Guitars

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Hard Cell: The Shell Game

Hard Cell
The Shell Game  $ 5.99  
MP3s are ripped at 320kbps

Tim Berne ++ alto saxophone
Craig Taborn ++ electronics and keyboards
Tom Rainey ++ drums

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Fractured Fairy Tales

Tim Berne
Fractured Fairy Tales  $ 5.99  
MP3s are ripped at 320kbps

Mark Dresser [contrabass, giffus, bungy]
Tim Berne [alto saxophone, voice]
Herb Robertson [trumpet, cornet, laryngeal crowbar]
Mark Feldmann [violin, baritone violin]
Hank Roberts [cello, voice, electronically processed cello]
Joey Baron [drums, cz-101, shacktronics]

1. Now Then [Tim Berne/Mark Dresser]
2. SEP [Tim Berne]
3. Hong Kong Sad Song/More Coffee [Tim Berne]
4. Evolution of a Pearl [Tim Berne]
5. Lightnin' Bug Bouti [Tim Berne]
6. The Telex Blues [Tim Berne]

total time: 55:05
prezens: slipped on a bar.

slipped on a bar.   $ 4.99  
MP3s are ripped at 320kbps

“prezens”, pre-heating:
one musically unmodified slice outta the realtime pie of “prezens”, c. 2006

craig TABORN
david TORN

1) bar to be - 11:41
2) bar to see - 8:46
3) bar too, eh - 9:12

music by PREZENS
mastering effort by TORN
photo by robert LEWIS

Buffalo Collision
Duck   $ 9.99  
Ethan Iverson : Piano
Hank Roberts : Cello
Dave King : Drums
Tim Berne: Sax
1) 1ST of 3 > 34:&CHANGE
2) 2ND of 4 > 10:&CHANGE
3) 3RD of 5 > 22:&CHANGE

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Nate Chinen from the NYTimes adds Buffalo Collision to his playlist.

Big Satan
Livein Cognito Disc 1 and 2   $ 12.99  
Ducret : Guitar
Rainey : Drums
Berne : Sax

2_L'ombra Di Verdi
4_Ce Sont Les Noms Des Mots
5_Un Peu D'historire

1_Mechanicals Failure
4_The Mini-bar Incident
5_Cause and Reflect

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see albumart: by ramart

Pre-Emptive Denial   $ 9.99  
tim berne - saxophone
drew gress - bass
tom rainey - drums

1) trading on all fours
2) we bow to Royalties

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Hard Cell
Electric and Acoustic Live   $ 9.99  
Tim Berne: Alto
Craig Taborn: Electric keyboards and electronics 2 and 4 and acoustic piano on 1 and 3
Tom Rainey : drums

1# Van Gundy's retreat
2# Huevos
3# Traction
4# Manatee Woman

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Hard Cell
Feign   $ 9.99  
tim berne = alto saxophone
tom rainey = drums
craig taborn = piano

1, i do it(for brookti)
2, time laugh
3, brokelyn
4, mechanicals failure
5, my first phone
6, BG .....uh....OH
7, i thought you had it
8, pan/ex

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Tim Berne
Fulton Street Maul   $ 5.99  
Tim Berne - Alto Saxophone
Bill Frisell - Electric Guitar
Hank Roberts - Cello, Voice on "Betsy"
Alex Cline - Percussion, Harmonic singing on "Betsy"

1 Unknown Disaster
2 Icicles Revisited
3 Miniature
4 Federico
5 Betsy

Tim Berne
Sanctified Dreams   $ 5.99  
Tim Berne - Alto Saxophone
Joey Baron - Drums
Mark Dresser - Bass
Hank Roberts - Cello, Vocals
Herb Robertson - Pocket Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Trumpet

1 Velcho Man
2 Hip Doctor
3 Elastic Lad
4 Sanctified Dreams
5 Blue Alpha
6 Mac's Groove
7 Terre Haute

David Torn
Splattercell ::: OAH   $ 9.99  
visceral cell musicontributors:
matt chamberlain: lotsa drums & dustbuster
geoff gordon: many varied & sundry percussives
dean sharp: drums (trks 4 + 6)
zachary alford: drums (trk 9)
fima ephron: bass (trk 9)
d torn: gtrs, loops (ridmic & spacious), ouds, kikuyae, voice, microcassettes, telefons, electron mortification (keyed & otherwise), and massmousemoves

remote cell musicontributors:
abraham laboriel, jr: drums (trks 1 + 2), via "burning grooves"
cantonese girl: voice (trk 2), via "heart of asia"
unknown: drums, via "break beat"

s-cell notes that:
a) OAH was fundamentally built outta sonic "ells", whichall were origianally *performed in improvised settings*.
b) sometimes, a bassdrum isn't a bassdrum.
c) sometimes, a kikuyae is just a kikuyae.
d) occasionally, one ear will do just fine, thank you very much.
e) the entirety of OAH was de+re/constructed onna mac --- from within LogicAudio --- in 1999.
f) om ah hung
g) ! eek !
h) ah.....


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Tim Berne & Bill Frisell

Theoretically   $ 9.99  


Marc Ducret - Electric Guitar
Bruno Chevillon - Upright Bass
Eric Echampard - Drums

Live in France   $ 7.99  
1. L'annexe
2. Une Scène Surtout Se Reproduisait Chaque Jour
3. Dialecte
Live in Poland   $ 9.99  
1. L'ampleur des Degats
2. Le Menteur
3. Tarot

Empire Box Set

The Five Year Plan (61 mb)   $ 5.99  
7x (67 mb)   $ 5.99  
Spectres (59 mb)   $ 5.99  
Songs and Rituals in Real Time, 1 (55 mb)   $ 5.99  
Songs and Rituals in Real Time, 2 (73 mb)   $ 5.99  


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Discretion   $ 7.99  

Saturation Point

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Saturation Point   $ 5.99  

Visitation Rites

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Visitation Rites   $ 7.99  

Science Friction

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Science Friction   $ 9.99  

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